Fang Scenic Spot of Naxi County

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Fang Mountain is composed by 99 ridges. If you look at the mountain in distance from all sides, you will find the mountain is the shape of square and that's the reason why it got its name (in Chinese, "Fang" means square). The mountain is extremely majestic.

The main body of Fang Mountain is all composed by sandstones of Cretaceous System. The sandstones are scarlet and striking. The scenery is enchantingly beautiful with red mountains enhancing the beauty of clean water. Fang Mountain is just like castle towering over the surrounding plain. There are city gates in all directions of the castle. There is Foguo Gate on the east, Guanyin Gate on the west, Taiji Gate on the south and Lailong Gate on the north. In here, there is the mixed forest of subtropical evergreen broadleaf trees and coniferous trees. The exuberated trees preserve the water and soil very well. There are nine streams of mountain springs in the mountain which never stop running. People call the springs "Nine Dragon Giving off Water". Now, a lake has been built here named "Heavenly Pond".

Bodao Ridge is the highest peak of Fang Mountain. It is a ridge with many cliffs that the ridge seems to be chopped by an ax. The shape of the mountain is just like a kitchen knife and it is an ideal place to watch sea of clouds. Yunfeng Temple is located on the south slope of Fang Mountain. It is a majestic temple, which is situated at the foot of the mountain and beside a river. Yunfeng Temple was originally built in the sixth year of the reign of Tianbao of Tang Dynasty. Many relics had been preserved to today, such as the old temple houses, stone lions on the gate, Xianfeng Stone, Huiyu Stone and Huizhi Pond. The new Yunfeng Temple, which is well preserved, is just on the foot of Zizhu Peak of Fang Mountain.

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First, take any bus to Nancheng Passenger Depot. Then, take the special bus heading for Fang at Nancheng Passenger Depot. It will take you directly to Fang Scenic Spot. This special bus set out at 6:00 in the morning and stops running at 20:00 at night. The buses set out every ten minutes and the carfare is 3.7 Yuan for one person.

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