Fobao Scenic Spot of Hejiang County

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Fobao Scenic Spot of Hejiang County is a provincial level scenic spot. Fobao Scenic Spot is located in Hejiang County, to the east of Luzhou City. It covers an area of 380 square kilometers. In Fobao area, mountain ranges rise and fall continuously. It is a rich, well-preserved, evergreen broadleaf forest zone with various kinds of trees. It is the gene bank of biological resources in Sichuan Province. In this area, there are seas of bamboos with rippling blue waves, there are caves and brooks everywhere, there are running waterfalls and clean springs. Danxia physiognomy goes well together with green forests ingeniously here and they form a unique spectacle with red rocks and green trees enhancing each other’s beauty.

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How to Get There?
In Luzhou Wang’s Transportation Center, there are 18 coaches heading for Hejiang County. The coaches are set out continuously from 7:45 to 18:00 everyday.

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Recommend Touring Time: two days

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