Huangjing Scenic Spot of Gulin County

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Huangjing Scenic Spot of Gulin County enjoys an average altitude of over 1300 meters above the sea level. At present, there are forests of 266,666,680 square meters which belong to the mixed forests of subtropical broadleaf trees and conifer trees. It has been 200 years since this place closed up by the government at the early Qing Dynasty. So it is a natural Xanadu with rare traces of human presence. There are exuberate forests, rich vegetations and various kinds of animals and rare trees, such as Chinese tulip trees, Fujian cypress, scented camphor trees, glossy privet and spindle tree firn. There are also hundreds kinds of valuable medicinal materials and large numbers of economic forests. In this region, you can also find the trace of rare birds and animals, like wild ox, leopard, black bears, wild boar, flying fox, zibet and white pheasant.

Huangjing Scenic Spot boasts of its splendid scenery and primitive environment. The main scenic spots are as follows:

1.Puzhao Mountain. It is the gate to Huangjing scenic spot. Puzhao Mountain is a mountain with an altitude of over 1700 meters above the sea level. When the sun shines again after the rain, standing on the top of the mountain, it is a golden opportunity to watch the sea of clouds, the sunrise and the sunset.

2. A group of eight waterfalls. It is rare in China to find eight waterfalls scattering within 1200-meters reach of a river. The total fall is about 120 meters. The waterfalls have different forms and they are all majestic and fabulous. You could not help to stop your steps when you hear the faint sound of the water reverberating among the quiet valleys.

3.The original forest on Sunzi Mountain. In this forest, countless old trees reach the sky, vines twist with the trees, clouds and fog float among the trees with birds singing around. There are many species of animals and plants here. Dove tree, Chinese tulip trees, firs, spruces, Fujian cypress, Yunnan pines, Huashan pines and spindle tree firn can all be found here. You can also find many treasured medicinal materials here like bark of cork tree, bark of eucommia, bark of magnolia, gastrodia tuber and Chinese pistache.

4.Huanyan scenic area. This mysterious place is surrounded by pathless cliffs. There is Longma Pond Waterfall, which could compare to Lushan Waterfall. There is a quite stream, which flows to Guizhou Province. You could see Lion Mountain surrounding with fog and you could see the sun jumping up to the sky from Tuo Mountain. All these will make you forget to leave.

5There are many revolutionary relics of the Long March. The trees, the lake and even the roads here are named after the Red Army. And all these make Huangjing become a more mysterious and attractive place.

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When you arrive at Gulin County, you can take the minibus to Huangjing Valley. It is 25 Yuan for one person.

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