Yuchan Mountain Scenic Spot

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Yuchan Mountain Scenic Spot is located 35 kilometers north of Luzhou City and it is just near the county seat of Lu County. On the mountain, there are forests covering an area of more than 3,600,000 square meters. The mountain got its name as the shape of the mountain looks like a toad (in Chinese, Yuchan means the jade toad). Yuchan Mountain has always been famous for its quiet forests, strange stones, clean waters and historic relics. It earns its glory all over southern part of Sichuan Province.

Yuchan Mountain used to be a famous mountain for Buddhism on southern area of Sichuan Province. According to the historical material, Yuantong Temple was built in the second year of the reign of Jingfu of Tang Dynasty. Every year, in the grand assembly of Goddess of Mercy, pilgrims coming from everywhere in Sichuan Province gather here and read aloud the scriptures. It is really an exceptionally grand occasion. That's why Yuchan Mountain is also called "Little Holy Mountain". Even today, you can find many marks of past glory on Yuchan Mountain.

Huang Tingjian, who styled himself Shangu, was a great writer and calligraphy in Song Dynasty. He used to write two characters "Yu Chan" for this mountain after drunk. Yang Shen, who styled himself Sheng'an, was a Number One Scholar of Ming Dynasty. He wrote down three characters "Jin Ao Feng" in wild cursive hand on Yuchan Mountain.

Until Qing Dynasty, temples stood in great numbers on the mountain. You can find layers of Buddhist halls on Arhat Street. The temple buildings look majestic and they are magnificent temples of myriad scenes. It used to be claimed that there were innumerable monks in the temple. The incense winds around the temple from the morning bell to the evening drums. The Buddhist ceremonies here are hailed as the acme of all as numerous pilgrims come here everyday with a stop.

On the relic of Yuantong Temple, the stone-engraving Buddhist statues and over 400 statues engraved on the cliff still attract devout men of women today. The stone engraving figures are themes on Buddhist legends and folk tales. The big statues are about 4 meters high, but the small ones are smaller than 30 centimeters in height. The expressions of the engraving figures are various and vivid with distinctive styles. Among all these figures, the pictures of Goddess of Mercy with a Thousand Arms, the picture of Jiulong Yutaizi, Wudao picture and the picture of Eighteen Arhats on the Sea are the best of stone-engraving craftworks.  

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The greatest scenery of Yuchan Mountain is on the peak. There is a winding mountain road extending from the mountain foot to the peak. There is no tributary on the midway of this road and the gradient of this road is quite big. It will take you about 40 minutes if you go on foot. If you take the motorcycle at the foot of the mountain, you could reach the peak within 10 minutes. It will cost you at most 10 Yuan.

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1.The key feature of Yuchan Mountain is the Buddhist culture. February 29th of Chinese Lunar Calendar is the busiest day of this place. Every year at that time, all the residents set out from the foot of the mountain. They go to the temple, burn incense and pray to Buddha for the health and safety of their family members. This tradition never changes in Yuchan Mountain in decades of years. So it is a wise choice to go for a visit in this season. Not only the warm climate and the beautiful scenery, but also the cultural tradition will impress you a lot as well. You could feel the local people's worship to Buddhism while you are traveling on one hand, and pray for blessing for your family on the other hand. 2.Recommend Touring Time: one day

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