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Luzhou Transport

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By Air

Luzhou Airport is the second largest airport in Sichuan Province. Boeing 737 airplanes can take off and land on its airfield. At present, Luzhou airport has already have fights to big cities like Beijing , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Haikou , Kunming and Guiyang .

  Luzhou Airline Company

Booking office: 0830-2297740, 0830-3190131

Hotline of complaint: 0830-3190322

Hotline of information and complaint of civil aviation: 0830-3190131, 0830-3190322, 0830-3893522, 0830-3893520

By Railway

Longxu Railway just runs across Luzhou.

Railway Station booking office of Lu County:

Address: Huayuan Artery in Lu County

Telephone: 0830-8193068 0830-2838069 

By Road

In the area of Luzhou Prefecture, there are No.321 national highway (East Chuanyun Road) and four provincial level highways like S207, S307, S308 and S309. To the south, Luzhou connects to Weixin and Zhenxiong of Yunnan Province and Bijie of Guizhou Province. To the north, it connects to Neijiang and Zigong. And Luzhou is adjacent to Chongqing to the east and Yibin to the west. Luzhou Highway extends to all directions and could get to Chengdu , Chongqing, Zigong and Yibin directly. Luzhou has become the distributing centre of materials and the hub of communication of southern part of Sichuan Province. It is also an important passageway of Sichuan Province.

Luzhou Coach Station (Plaza Coach Station):

Booking office: 0830-2292237, 0830-2392176

Nancheng Passenger Depot:  

Booking office: 0830-3178088

City Transportation

Inner-city Transportation:

There are many bus lines in the city. You can reach most scenic spots in the city by bus.


The charging standard of the taxis in Luzhou is as follows: the starting rate of the taxi in Luzhou is 5Yuan for the first 2 kilometers and it's usually about 1.6 Yuan per kilometer afterwards.

Supervision Telephone Number of Taxi: 0830-2590603

By Water

Luzhou Harbor is a key harbor on the upper reaches of Yangtze River and the biggest harbor of Sichuan Province on the Yangtze River. 1000-ton ships can pass freely here perennially. A multifunctional container terminal has been built here with a handling capacity of 50000 standard containers and 200,000-ton heavy goods.