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Ancient Qikou Town

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Qikou Town got its name because of the Datong Qi (Qi in Chinese means a sand pile in water) in Yellow River. The Yellow River comes from the north while the Qiushui River comes from the east. Wohu Mountain lays in the north of the town while Heilong Temple is situated in the east of Yellow River. Qikou is just surrounded by these mountains and rivers.

Because of the great Yellow River, Qikou had been an important port on Yellow River for more than 200 years since the years of Qianlong of Qing Dynasty to the War of Resistance Against Japan. The magnificent history had left a great deal of historical relics in Qikou Town. The main attractions in Qikou Town are as follows: The charm of ancient Qikou Town, Water and land port, Wohulong Temple, Drafting in Yellow River, Erqi Surfing, Kylin Beach, Red Jujube Forest, and lots of old yards of Shanxi merchants. The ancient Qikou Town is still preserved well. Buildings and shops in the streets are just like what they had been. There are traditional art everywhere in the ancient Qikou Town. Come and feel, you will find it impress you so deeply.

The old streets and shops are outstanding representatives of architectures of Qing Dynasty. The main street of Qikou Town is just to the direction of Wohu Mountain, then it goes to west along the Qiushui River, and goes to north along the Yellow River, wiggling and wiggling. What more interesting is that the back street of Qikou is only about 200 meters long, but there are 18 turns on this 200 meter street. The street are all built with stones, the shop doors are all made of wood, the second street is shorter than the first. Shorter and shorter, the ancient Qikou Town forms a ladder-shaped one in this way.

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How to Get There?
1.There is a bus runs between Qikou Town and Taiyuan city. At 5:30 in the morning, this bus starts from Qikou Town to Tiyuan, at 12:30, it returns to Qikou Town from the West Bus Station of Taiyuan, It takes about 6 hours for the whole bus trip and the ticket price is 40 yuan for each person. 2.Visitors can firstly get to Lishi city, and change a minibus at the West Bus Station of Lishi to the ancient Qikou Town. There are several buses to Qikou Town in West Bus Station of Lishi. If you take bus to Qikou in this station, it would take you about 1 hour and cost 5 to 8 yuan for each person. If you would like taking a taxi to there, 50 yuan will be cost. 3.If you would like driving by your self, taking the Taifen Highway or No.307 national road will be very convenient.

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Opening Hours:
9:00- 18:00

More Tips:
1.Recommended time for traveling:A whole day 2.Every season is good season for the visitor who wants to travel in ancient Qikou Town. But remember that the best time to go there is autumn. In autumn, the red jujubes are ripe and Tourist Festival Opening Ceremony would be held. During this period, lots of traditional activities are performed, like Umbrella Yangko(a popular rural folk dance in Western China), She Opera, Daoqing, Boat Tracking and so on. A blind folk artist named Zhang Shuyuan can also perform Song of Qikou for you, the price is 10 yuan.

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