North Wudang Mountain

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North Wudang Mountain is also called as Zhenwu Mountain or Longwang Mountain was the ancient name of it. It was said that in order to distinct from the Wudang Mountain, people gave the name of North Wudang Mountain to it. There are 72 peaks, 36 cliffs and 24 streams in North Wudang Mountain tourist area. The main peak in this area is Xianglu Peak. It is with the latitude of 2,254 meters and takes an area of about 80 square kilometers. People honor Xianglu Peak as A pearl in North Wudang Mountain.

Around the main peak of Xinaglu Peak are cliffs and ravines, but there is one path called Heavenly Ladder leading to the top of mountain.  A musical rhythm sounds as every step you take. This is what people called as Stone Music. Go along with the Heavenly Ladder, lots of attractions you will find, like the animal-shaped stones, stones with scriptures, ancient temples and so on. They are hiding in the prosperous plants.Magic, and elegant.

Animal-shaped stones is the main attraction in the North Wudang Mountain.  Some of them are very famous, like the elephant-shaped stone, dragon-shaped stone, goat-shaped stone, turtle-shaped stone, tiger-shaped stone and so on. People who have seen these natural works appreciate them greatly.     

There are not only natural attractions in North Wudang Mountain, but it also gets a very long history. At the mountain foot, there are Taoist Temples which dated from Ming and Qing Dynasty, and many stone steles and Taoist frescos.

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How to Get There?
Take the long distance bus to Fangshan in the stations of Tiyuan. Then minibuses can be taken at the mountain pass of Yugu. These minibuses can take visitors to the ticket box of North Wudang Mountain, then they can take you into the mountain. It cost you about 46 yuan for the whole trip. 4 buses from Fangshan to North Wudang Mountain are available in a day. The buses of 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning only get to Caojiagou Village. When you arrive in North Wudang Mountain, take a minibus to the top of North Wudang Mountain. It takes you 2 yuan from the mountain pass to Caojiagou Village and 6 yuan to the ticket box.

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Half a day

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