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Phoenix Mountain Taoist Temple

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The Phoenix Mountain Taoist Temple was called as Tianzhen Taoist Temple at first. There are four characters 名山仙境(it means this mountain is famous and this place is graceful)on a huge stone at the mountain gate. Looking from the top of the Phoenix Mountain, the whole Lishi city comes into your eyes. This is a beautiful picture.

Baiyun Cavern Palace is on the top of Phoenix Mountain. In this cavern, there is a huge fresco that is nearly 30 square meters. This fresco was divided into two parts. The upper part is about the constructions of Phoenix Mountain Taoist Temple, and the lower part is about the sight view of The North Wudang Mountain. On this fresco, the main scenic spots of North Wudang Mountain are all painted on. This is an important fresco with quite high value of history, natural science and art.  

Phoenix Mountain Taoist Temple is two floors and it was built according to the landform of Phoenix Mountain. The main buildings here are as follows: Yuhuang(the highest god in the Taoist tales) Attic, Sanqing Palace, Sun Simiao Palace, Reading Building, Thunder Palace, Baiyun Cavern, Guanyu Temple and so on.

Every 26th of Lunar February is the annually Phoenix Mountain Temple Fair of Phoenix Mountain Taoist Temple. It is also the birthday of a famous Taoist Sun Yunji. Because he was a very helpful and famous person, people honor him and respect him very much. So his birthday is honored as the Phoenix Mountain Temple Fair. On this day, lots of people come into the Phoenix Mountain Taoist Temple and the whole temple will be lightened brightly. This is a very prosperous fair that impress people deeply.

Legend of Sun Yunji

Sun Yunji, who was born in Yuting(today’s Lishi city). He also got other names as Haoyuan and Leyangzi. He was very good at natural science. When he was a young boy, he was a little Taoist in Wanshou Taoist Temple, and when he was 17 years old, he went into the famous Phoenix Mountain Taoist Temple and became a student of Chen Xiyi. He had worked hard for more than 40 years and lots of people had been helped by him. That is why he is still so respected by the local people.  

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