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Tianning Temple

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Tianning Temple was built in the 6th year of Zhenguan, Tang Dynasty. (632 A.D.). And it had experienced several rebuildings in later time. Inside of the mountain gates, there are steles of Tang Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. The calligraphy works on these steles are all excellent ones.

 There are 3 Buddhist statues dated from Yuan Dynasty in the Qianfo Attic. The Buddhist statues are 6 meters high. They are so elegant and dignified. On the walls of the attic, there are wooden niches in which a sitting Buddhist statue was placed, but unfortunately, the sitting Buddhist statues have all been destroyed. Xu Hall is situated in the back of the Qianfo Attic. To the right of this hall, a huge iron bell is placed. People can hear the bell even in 10 miles away. Buddhist Hall is just in the middle. In this hall, there is a huge statue of Shakyamni. Take 198 steps, people can get to the Pilu Attic. Looking from this attic, the Gua Mountain Academy, Zhus’ Ancestral Shrine, all come into your eyes. Further step on, you will see the Shifo Hall. Around the Tianning Temple, there are more ancient buildings and stone steles on which hand writings of Mifu of Song Dynasty and Fushan of Qing Dynasty left. Outside of the Tianning Temple, there are graves and pagodas in the east. They are quiet and dignified. People can come and have a look at them.  

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How to Get There?
Take the long distance bus to Jiaocheng in Taiyuan city and then take a minibus to Tianning Temple. Or you may walk to there from the northwest crossroad of Jiaocheng. Tianning Temple is just in the neighborhood of Jiaocheng. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes from the road to the ticket box of Tianning Temple.

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9:00- 18:00

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