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Tourist Area of Pang Quangou

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Actually, the tourist area of Pang Quangou is one of the eight birds protection zones in China. Tourist Area of Pang Quangou is 15 kilometers long from south to north and 14.5 kilometers from east to west. It takes an area of 14430.5 hectares and the forest area takes up 74 percent of the whole area of Pan Quangou. The climate in this area is mild and rainy. This is also a paradise for animals because there are continuous mountains and many streams. There are lots of rare animals like the first class national protected Brown Eared-Pheasant, the second class national protected leopard, black stork, aegypius monachus (European Black Vulture) and so on. Besides of being a paradise for animals, this is also a good place for people relaxing.

In the tourist area of Pang Quangou, mountains are continuous, natural sceneries are graceful and climate is mild. There are many scenic spots in Pan Quangou. Whever you go into it, beautiful sceneries you will see. In spring, there are lots of flowers blooming. In summer, cloud sea you will appreciate. In autumn, leaves are red and yellow. In winter, snow flies everywhere. Pan Quangou is an important part of Guandi Mountain Forest Park, and it is also a rare green area on the Loess Plateau. 

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How to Get There?
1. There is a special bus runs between Taiyuan city and Tourist Area of Pang Quangou at Dayingpan Bus Station. The bus only goes once in a day and it returns to Taiyuan city at 14:00. The whole trip is 150 kilometers long. It takes about 3.5 hours and costs 32 yuan for each person. 2. It is 65 kilometers from Jiaocheng County to Taiyuan city. It takes 1 hour and costs 20 yuan from Jiaocheng County to Taiyuan city. In Jiaocheng, there are 3 buses go to the Tourist Area of Pang Quangou from 8:00 in the morning. The bus ticket price is 13 yuan for each person.

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Whole day

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Recommended time for traveling:A whole day

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