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Lvliang Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/29

Lvliang Overview

Lvliang Area is situated in the west side of the middle part of Shanxi Province and the middle part of Lvliang Mountain. It is the typical Loess Plateau landform. There are lots of ravines and mountains in this area and terraced field is a typical sight view in Lvliang Area.

Lvliang Area is quite abundant in tourist resources. The attractions in this area are very special and distinctive. There are lots of natural sceneries and revolutionary relics. Take the North Wudang Mountain for example. This mountain is honored as the First Well-known Mountain in Jin Region (Jin is the ancient name of Shanxi and Taiyuan). It is famous with its magnificence, great height, distinctive stones and beautiful sceneries. And Pang Quangou is one of the eight birds natural protection zones in China. People evaluate it as “This is a birds protection zone that can hardly found on the Loess Plateau. Pang Quangou’s value of sight viewing is quite high.”. Xuanzhong Temple is a famous Buddhist temple. It is not only famous for its Buddhist culture but also famous for the beautiful natural sceneries around it.

Nationalities habitat in:Han Nationality is the main one, and there are also Mongol Nationality, Hui Nationality, Man Nationality and some other nationalities live in this area.

Administration:There are Xing County, Lin County, Lan County, Fangshan County, Lishi County, Liulin County, Zhongyang County, Shilou County, Jiaokou County, Xiaoyi County, Fenyang County, Wenshui County and Jiaocheng County in the administration of Lvliang .