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There is no airport in Lvliang area. But it only takes 2 hours to the Wusu Airport of Taiyuan city from Lvliang.

Wusu Airport is situated in the south of Taiyuan city and it is 18 kilometers far from the urban of Taiyuan. Direct airplanes to Beijing , Tianjin , Shanghai , Chengdu , Guilin , Nanjing , Shenyang, Xi’an and the other big or middle-scale cities are available in the Wusu Airport.

Transportation to Wusu Airport of Taiyuan:

There is no special bus to Wusu Airport from the urban of Taiyuan city. People can take a taxi to there. It takes about 30 minutes from the urban of Taiyuan city to Wusu Airport and it cost you about 50 yuan.

Ticket Office of China Eastern Airlines in Taiyuan city:

No.15 of Yingze Street of Taiyuan

Enquiry Tel:0351-4042903


There are Jiexi Railway (from Jiexiu to Xiquan), Xiaolin Railway (from Xiaoyi to Mucun Town of Liulin) in Lvliang Area.

Enquiry Tel of the railway stations in Lvliang:

Railway Station of Xiaoxi: Enquiry Tel:0358-7621849

Location:The Funan Street of Xiaoyi city. Shanxi Province

Railway Station of Xiaonan  Enquiry Tel:0358-7671099

Location:The Fenjie Road of Xiaoyi city. Lvlaign, Shanxi Province 

Bus roads

Buses to Taiyuan, Beijing and the other cities and counties of Lvliang are all available.

Lishi Bus Station                Enquiry Tel:8221315           Location:The Middle Yongning Road


The fee for the first 1.5 kilometers is 4 yuan in daytime, and 5 yuan from 21:00 to 5:00. 

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