Li Bai's Tomb

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Rolling and towering high, Qingshan Mountain is also called Qinlin Mountain with rocks of different shapes. It is covered with verdant and luxuriant trees, with river wandering down. According to records, Xie Tiao, a prefect in South Qi Dynasty, liked the mountains and water very much. He had constructed a house in the south side of the mountain and enjoyed the scenery through the rest of his life. Admiring Xie Tiao’s character and behavior, Li Bai revealed his will to live like Xie Tiao in one poem.

After his death, Li Bai was firstly buried in the southeast side of Long Mountain. In 817, Libai’ bomb was transferred to the present southwest side of Qingshan Mountain according to his will. Facing a river in the south, Li Bai’s Tomb backed the Qingshan Mountain, 300 meters away from a highway. In the left side of the funerary park, there is a pond named Qinglian Pond. Over the pond, a bridge connects the pond and the Ten Poem Pavilion. Because Li Bai had composed ten poems lauding the local scenery in Dangtu County in his later years, therefore a pavilion was set up in memory of it. To the left of the Ten Poem Pavilion, there is a memorial hall to Li Bai. Inside the memorial hall stands a stone statue of Li Bai as high as 2.47 meters with the background of a huge picture about Li Bai’s traveling in Dangtu County.

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