Zhu Ran's Tomb

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The discovery of Zhu Ran’s tomb is an important archaeological excavation concerning Three Kingdoms Period in the Middle and Lower Yangtze River. The tomb is also the largest, the earliest among all tombs of high status in Eastern Wu Kingdoms Period. The discovery is listed as the top ten in the 1980s. The excavation was made by archaeologists from Anhui Historical Relics and Archaeology Research Center and workers from Maanshan Historical Relics Census Team. According to materials from the excavation, the owner of the tomb was affirmed to be Zhu Ran, a leading marshal in Eastern Wu Kingdom. In spite of a previous robbery, some delicate lacquer wares in the tomb remained safe. Among all 140 pieces of relics, a part of it was listed as national first-rate treasures.

In 1986, the Zhuran tomb was put in the list of Major Historical and Cultural Sites under Anhui Provincial Protection, and a Historical Relics Exhibition Hall was built. The hall is a Han-style building with the tomb as the body. Just in the middle of the hall lies the tomb. Relics, materials and pictures concerning Zhuran were set out around the hall. While touring, tourists can have a view of life and society during Three Kingdoms Period.

Notes: Zhu Ran(182-249), born in a rich and powerful family. He was classmate of Sun Quan, King of Eastern Wu Kingdom. During Three Kingdoms Period, Zhuran headed an army to fight against enemy from Wei Kingdom in the north, and later resisted intrusion from Shu Kingdom in the west. He had won many battles and ranked as a leading general in Eastern Wu Kingdom.

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