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Maanshan Overview

Brief introduction:

Situated in eastern Anhui province, Maanshan occupies an area of 1686 square kilometers, with a population of 1.2 million.

Since 1950s, Maanshan has developed into a young and energetic industrial city, as well as a beautiful city. Due to its unique location, it has many geographic advantages. It is a Chinese National Garden City as well as one of five major tourist cities in Anhui province.

Other than a long history, Maanshan also has a large quantity of scenic spots and historical sites. Its rich land has nourished a great many talents and outstanding people. Historically, Maanshan was called the land of milk and honey where products abound and the people live in plenty. Maanshan teems with rice, wheat, bean, tea, fruits, vegetables, cotton, bamboo and wood as well as fish and crabs. Besides, it is the main growing area of Yangtze reeves shad, long-tailed anchovy and golden crabs. And the Caishi Rock Tea and Taibai Wine have long been high in tourists’ favor.

Area code:0555
Nationalities:The Han Nationality, the Huis, the Mongolians, the Zhuangs, the Bais and the Koreans.
The prefecture-level city of Maanshan administers 4 county-level divisions, including 3 districts and 1 county: Yushan District, Huashan District, Jinjiazhuang District, Dangtu County.

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