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Gaozhou Xiantai Temple

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There may be a lot of temples within China but Gaozhou Xiantai Temple can easily stand out from the rest. What is it with this temple which makes it very popular? What is the special significance of it? Is it really worth visiting?

The Gaozhou Xiantai Temple is an outstanding tourist attraction because of its preserved architecture. Aside from the aesthetic beauty that this structure has, it also has a historical significance. Even the inhabitants of Maoming still pay much respect to this place.

Yes, it is a sight that is worthy of a visit. For people who have had enough of the city’s hustle and bustle, this could be a very refreshing sight. For those who want to discover more about the history, culture and society of Maoming, this place will also satisfy their yearning for more knowledge.

Things To Do

The Gaozhou Xiantai Temple is comprised of four different sections. These are the front hall, middle hall, Fenggong temple and the main hall. During the earlier times, these sections serve as important venues, not only for matters that are related to religion but also for political gatherings. Today, the preserved parts of the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple serve as a very interesting tourist attraction.

The view of the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple is very captivating. Its front part exudes sophistication and elitism. It is reflective of the traditional Chinese architecture. However, its main difference from others is that this temple is made to be much more luxurious.

The entrance of the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple has a grandiose staircase. This adds to the overall drama of the façade. Tourists who are visiting this place would need to climb up the stairs before they are able to reach the main entrance door.

As tourists approach the main entrance, it would be quite impossible not to notice the elaborate decoration for the pillars and the ceiling. All the design elements are derived from ancient Chinese symbols. The pillars have laborious carving. Considering the fact that this temple was built hundreds of years ago, it only shows that people from back then has already developed an impressive technique on how they could execute their outstanding artistry.

The ceiling is also adorned with various eye-catching designs. The decoration is reflective the patience that Chinese put into their creations. The ceiling and the edges of the roof are beautified by the fine paintings which have a myriad of bold colors like blue, red and greens. There is also a touch of gold which makes the overall look very elegant.

Of course, the interior is just as impressive as the exterior. It is amazing how the interior of the halls and other sections of the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple were preserved. The design for the walls and the doors look much like how the original was built. Yes, this place has already gone minor repairs and restoration because of the damages that are brought about by wars and harsh weather, but the look is still very traditional.

Inside the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple is a sculpture of Mz. Xian. She is a well-respected leader of the Southern Yue Baiyue Nationality in AD 6th Century. Because of her impressive contribution in history, she was officially called as the Number One Heron in Female World. This occurred during the time of Premier Zhou. Aside from the statue of Mz. Xian, there are also stone inscriptions and carvings which can be seen inside the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple. Each one tells much about the history of the place.

Useful Tips: Exploring the entirety of the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple takes only about half a day.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Renmin Road in Gaozhou Town

How to Get There?

Take the buses which go directly to Maoming City; There are buses which leave periodically from as early as 6

Ticket Price:

 26 CNY

Opening Hours:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

More Tips:

Exploring the entirety of the Gaozhou Xiantai Temple takes only about half a day.

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