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Genzi Litchi Cultural Tourist Area

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/8

As one of the important part of Maoming Tourist System, Litchi producing base famous in China, Gaozhou Litchi Cultural Tourist Area attracts various tourists by its beautiful rurality, natural scenic and unique folk customs.

Litchi is a greatest distinct of the tourist area. Genzi litchi is famous in and abroad for its longest history, largest producing area, highest output, best quality, best breed and riping at the earliest time.

Genzi litchi begins to be sold in the market in the last ten days of May of the Gregorian calendar, about 30 days earlier than other litchi in Zengcheng, Conghua and other places producing litchi. Genzi litchi boasts complete variety. The rare variety White Sugar Opium Litchi is appraised as No. 1 litchi of early-maturing and high-quality of Guangdong Province, and is a leading brand product of national agricultural fair. In February, litchi spreads all over the hills and plains, like a beautiful girl dressed in rouge, powder and jade. What a silvery white scene. Standing among the paths of flowers, walk in spring, admire the beauty of flowers, taste the honey, and the pleasant spring scenery surrounds you sweetly. In May and June, cicada toots and the litchi ripes. Then as you stroll in the litchi town, appreciate the red litchi as many as a sea and taste litchi, making you very satisfied.

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