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No.1 Beach of Tourist Area for Holidays in China

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/5/1

In the tourist area, there is a beach of 12 kilometers long, with white and soft

sands, which is wide and plain. Outside the sandy beach, there is a coastal shelter

belt of 500 to 1,000 meters. This shelter belt was built in 1960s. It is the first

successful manmade coastal shelter belt with high fate. In the blue sky of white

cloud, green trees and silvery beach form a rare scenery in China. Every year,

different entertainment activities in large scale with different topics and distinct

characteristics are held, such as kite, folk customs month, cultural and arts

festivals in and abroad, etc. In the tourist area, several world and national woman's

sandy beach volleyball matches were held with high reputation and good social image.

There are four functional areas within the tourist area: Seaside Bathing Area, Sports

Area on the Sea, Holiday Area on the Seaside and Central Square Area. Various tourists

projects are developed, such as seawater bath, sunbath, maritime sport, beach

volleyball, spending holidays to recuperate and the plane of triangular wing of

motive force and hillside rogallo, etc.

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How to Get There?
Special line bus no. 201 runs back and forth from the tourist area to Maoming urban area. One bus begins to run per 20 minutes, and more than 40 buses run back and forth every day. Besides, there are varieties of taxies in different grades on the entrance of the tourist area available for 24 hours every day.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
Open time: 24 hours

More Tips:
1.Best time for traveling around: from May to October of every year 2.Phone number: 0668—2680118 3.Please book room earlier. Booking phone number: 4.Fuhua Hotel: 268881 Building of sea appreciating and Holiday Town: 2683508 Millennium Seaside Town: 2684888 Sea Sight Hotel: 2680028 5.Warning: swimming in the sea after 8:00pm is not allowed.

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