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Releasing Chicken Island with Diving Area

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/26

Releasing Chicken Island, also called Wanzhou and Fenzhou Mountain. It was said

that people of any sea boat traveling by the island has to release one chicken on the island to pray for their safety. Therefore it is called Releasing Chicken Island. It covers 1.9 square kilometers and is the largest island in Maoming City. Diving Area of Releasing Chicken Area lies in the southern seaside of Dianbai County, which is 8.6 sea miles away from Shuidong Harbor of Maoming. The sea water around the island is 6 to 12 meters deep, the visibility of which is 8 meters. The island is a beautiful and magic tourist area for diving. Meanwhile, the plants′covering the island amounts to the largest area among the islands in Guangdong province.

Entertainment World in Releasing Chicken Island has been open to tourists formally. There are activities like diving, seawater bathroom, skiing, motorboat, pulling umbrella, sea fishing, etc.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
It takes about 20 minutes from Shuidong Harbor to Releasing Chicken Island. One can also takes bus to Maoming City and takes boat in Shuidong Harbor of Maoming City.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
Open time: 24 hours

More Tips:
1.Best time traveling around: from May to October 2.Best time for diving: Midday 3.It is suitable for youth who like sea sports and their families to spend holidays. 4.Phone number: 0668—5608488 Fax: 0668—5608455

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