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Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area

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The mere name of the Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area already triggers curiosity and wonders. Is this place really filled with spirits? Before assuming that this is a location that can be quite scary, it is best to pay a visit first. There is nothing fearsome about this place because of its splendor and immeasurable beauty. This is an evidence of how powerful nature is because of the unquestionable magnificence that it has.

People who visit this place can have so many things to do. Aside from being so relaxing, it can also satisfy the hankering of some people who are looking for some blood-rushing action.

Things To Do

When visiting the Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area, it is best to allocate at least an entire day so that there is enough time to spend for the different activities. The entire place is composed of forests and waterfalls. Since this area offers so much natural wonders, the day of the tourists would be really filled with so much fun.

The forest area of the Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area is a good spot to go for some walk. There are designated trails which guests could follow. Some opt to avail the services of the tour guides so they can explore the place even more. On the other hand, those who have been to this location before opt to find their own adventure.

Walking in the forest is such a blissful experience. The tall and lush trees provide shade for the pathways. Hence, even if the sun is shining bright, people do not have to worry about the heat. They would be surrounded by all sorts of flowers and plants. Aside from that, they would get to witness some of the birds which have found habitat among the trees.

Because of the bountiful trees and plants within the Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area, the temperature here remains cool even if all other parts of China are enduring the scorching summer heat. On an average, the temperature does not go beyond 25 degrees centigrade during the hottest summer day. The cool breeze keeps blowing too. Hence, the climate is still perfect for walking around.

Since there is also a steep waterfalls in the Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area, people find themselves drawn to this magnificent sight. Some opt to stay at the foot of the falls just to watch the strong downpour of water. The pool of water below it is also cool and clear because the water comes from the higher parts of the mountain. People should not miss their opportunity to take pictures of this amazing view.

Rafting is another activity which can be enjoyed within the Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area. The water from the falls flows to a rapid stream. Because of that, there is an excellent venue for tourists to enjoy their thrilling hobby.

This is the perfect destination for families and friends. There are dedicated areas where people can spend some time for a wonderful picnic. Because of the tour guides who are ready to assist the guests in this place, there are many ways on how to enjoy this destination.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Maoming, Guangdong Province

How to Get There?

Take bus no. 5 to get to the stop which is closest to Spirit Cave Natural Scenic Tourist Area or take a cab to avoid walking.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

All day

More Tips:

It is more fun to visit this place during the summer months because there is a lower chance of rainfall. Spring is also a good time because the temperature is much cooler and the trees and flowers are in full bloom.

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