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West River Hot Spring Holiday Village

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

The hills and mountains rise and fall around the holiday village; the high peaks rise in emerald verdure; the scenery is pleasant and beautiful, full of rustic charms of nature. The holiday village covers more than 100 mu with underground heat energy up to 5 sq. km. There are more than 100 springs in the open air with monthly flow of 100,000 cubic meters. One of the springs gives out 60 cubic meters every hour. The temperate of the hot spring in the holiday village is above 80, which can boil chicken eggs. Therefore there are chicken egg pools near many hot springs. One can bathe in the hot spring as he or she scales the boiled eggs to eat. The water of the hot spring can be used to improve people’s health, used in physiotherapy and cure disease.

In the holiday village, various swimming pools, fountains, pavilions, waters, flowers, parks and hills form a large scale entertainment place with omni-directional and multifunctional systems, which are picturesque and romantic as a poet and a picture.

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Time recommended traveling around: 2 hours

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