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There is no airplane in Maoming City. People can take planes in Guangzhou or

Zhanjiang City, which are near Maoming City.

Ticket Office of Civil Airline in Maoming City -Phone Number: 2275702


The railway of Maoming City is very convenient. It connects to Beijing - Guangzhou , Guangzhou-Jiulong Railway in the east, with Liuzhan Railway in the west. It can connect with the entire railway net in the country. There are two railway stations in the urban area: Maoming Station and Maodong Station. Many trains which run by stop here.

Ticket office of Maoming Railway Station- phone number to consult: 232146

 Long-distance Passenger Station

In Maoming City, Guangzhou -Zhanjiang high way and national road no.325, 207 runs through the whole city. It only takes 3 hours from Guangzhou to Maoming by bus. It only takes 1 hour by bus from Maoming City to the nearest airplane in Zhanjiang City. The traffic in and from Maoming City is very convenient.

One can take buses from Maoming Bus Station to various places in Guangdong Province, either normal buses or luxury buses.

Address: No. 222 Youcheng Third Road Maoming City

Ticket office of Maoming Bus Long-Distance Station-phone number: 2820069

Buses in Urban Area

There 16 routes of bus in Maoming City. There is one bus setting out per 7-8 minutes, of which many routs like No. 1, No. 3, No. 11 etc run by the railway station. Special Line Bus No. 201, which travels from Maoming Hedong Bus Station to No.1 Beach Tourist Area, is not only convenient but also with high-quality facilities. In festival or holiday, the bus runs more than half hour, which is the first choice for tourists. Besides, there are special buses running across Forest Park.


It takes 5 RMB for taxi setting out, 4 RMB for microbus, 2 RMB for motorbike, 1 RMB for bus.

Hot line for customers' complaints Service of taxi in urban area is: 2820261


There are several natural harbors like Shuidong, Bohe, rivers like Jiang River, Meihua River, Huanghua River, Xiaodong River, and etc. Maoming Shuidong Harbor lies in the west of Guangdong province. It is 246 sea miles away from Guangzhou City by water road, 68 sea miles from Zhanjiang, 178 sea miles from Xianggang, and 134 sea miles from Haikou Harbor, 254 sea miles away from North Sea Harbor.

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