Black Dragon Beach

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The Black Dragon Beach is an attraction which is found in Meishan, Sichuan Province. It is true that nature has exceptional ways on how to sculpt beautiful sceneries. Interestingly, the Black Dragon Beach also looks astounding even if it is a man-made lake. Its tranquil surroundings make it the perfect destination for people who want to unwind and free their mind from all their worries.

This lake is capable of storing up to 3,600 million cubic meters of water. The total girth of the lake is about 160 kilometers. Hence, people who visit this place have plenty of space to explore. Their view of the horizon would almost seem like the water goes on and on. The total surface of the lake is 23 square meters wide.

Things To Do

Though the Black Dragon Beach is made to serve as storage of water for the locality, this has also been a tourist destination for many years. People could not help but admire the picturesque view of this place. The clear water mirrors how the clouds decorate the bright sky. The surroundings are also amazing because of the lush greens which grow in the banks.

What make this space even more interesting are the islands and islets which are found on the waters. All in all, there are 72 islands and islets which can be found here. The islands are also such endearing sights because of the different trees and plants that grow on each one.

People who are visiting this place would never run out of things that they could check out. There are 10 scenic spots which are open for guests. These spots each offer unique experience for the tourists. The ten scenic spots are the Big Dam, Three Big Bays, Penglai Island, Blue Dragon-Mouth Botanical Garden, Longyan Cliff Statues and Carved Stone Paintings and Calligraphies, Chenggu Mountain, Double-Swallow Town, Bayi Archipelago, Hanjia Dam, Baiguo Dam.

The botanical garden is a perfect destination for people who are looking for a romantic place with their beloved. This is the place where the most beautiful flowers and the rarest plants can be found.

It is amazing that the Black Dragon Beach also plays a role when it comes to preserving the rich history and culture of the province. The statues, artworks and calligraphies each feature a piece of history. Those who would be able to see these historical items would be able to learn more about this place and how its past led to the present.

For those who are looking for thrill and excitement, there are the different islands which they could check out. This would mean going for a short boat ride to be able to reach from one point to another. The locals who also stay within the Black Dragon Beach as tour guides could help out guests in going around the place so their stay can be maximized to the fullest.

There is also a statue of Buddha which can be found in the Black Dragon Beach. This is a reflection of the strong faith of the people here and how their religion influences their day to day living.  

The Black Dragon Beach may not look like the typical beaches which are found in other places but this surely has a unique beauty. Because of its exquisiteness, it is now considered as one the most admired tourist attractions within the province of Sichuan.


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Meishan, Sichuan Province

How to Get There?

From Chengdu City, it is best to take the cab to go to this place.

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Opening Hours:

All day

More Tips:

Summer is the best time to visit the Black Dragon Beach. This is the time when there are no rains and the weather is perfect for spending some time outdoors.

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