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Caoyu Beach

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The scenic area covers 18 square meters. Main Hall, Qixian Hall, Auspicious-Lotus Pavilion are constructed during the reign of Kangxi Emperor in Qing Dynasty. A group of typical and complete Sichuan ancient compounds of Qing Dynasty are established in modern times as the model of architectures made in the 4th year of Emperor Kangxi’s reign. Many natural scenes and places of cultural interest can be viewed in the area, such as large and small ancient architectures of various shapes, weird stones, flying waterfalls, hawks flying over the valleys, cranes strolling along the beach, spinulose tree ferns growing in the same period of dinosaur are the first rate plants under the station protection. The Laughing Buddha takes the shape of a drinking Deity Tortoise. Legend has it that it is the “Chopped-Off Mountain” or “Guidu Mansion” left by Er-lang God when he slew the demons. There are also historical sites such as “Zhuqing Guan” plank roadway along the Silk Road and many stone inscriptions and temples of Ming and

Qing dynasties. A sleeping Buddha 45.3- meter long, 12.5- meter tall was carved out of a massive natural rock. There are over 80 mutual paintings about life stories of Skamania with 108 towers around it. Four ancient architectures such as“Kuixing Pavilion”has been restored. The tourism resources is quite rich with natural landscape and cultural landscape enhancing each other’s beauty.

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How to Get There?
Tourists coming from Chengdu direction can first reach Meishan City by bus, and then arrive at the scenic spot by taking the traveling express bus.

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1.Lodging There are hotels and hostels both inside and outside the scenic area, which provide over 1200 beds. 2.Delicious Food Roast sheep as a whole, Roast Suckling Pig and Roast Corn Cob are highly recommended when taking campfire parties. Having Fish Hotpot by the lake with lanterns can be very fun. 4.Recommended Hour for Travel:1.5 hours

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