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Fairy Mount

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Fairy Mountain is a natural place for practicing the Supreme Ultimate with its peculiar landform and encircled twisting mountain chains. In the mountain, there are many historical sites, such as Pengzu (the Originator of Qigong as well as the God of Longevity) Tomb, Pengzu Shrine, and Pengzu Cave for making pills of immortality, Heal Perseverance Palace and Air Gathering Field and Pheasant Soup Hall (the three places demonstrating Pengzu’s secrets of longevity). Famous scenic spots are over 20,such as ingeniously-made Pengshan Double Buddhas (28meter-tall standing Buddha Sakanani , and 24meter-tallseated Buddha Tathagata with statues of slim and graceful fairies around them), Huiguang Temple( populous cultural site of religion), steep ,

Jiangkou ancient town famous for “Wuyang Tea Shop”, Libai( a famous poet in Tang Dynasty) Reading Desk, where the story“grind an iron rod into a needle” originates, Cliff Museum of Han Dynasty, which is of high value for research and gathers 5003 pieces of fine works unearthed from cliff tombs of Eastern Han Dynasty, General Lake and Fairy Lake with good mountain sceneries around them.

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How to Get There?
Tourists coming from Chengdu direction can first reach Meishan City by bus, and then arrive at the scenic spot by taking the traveling express bus.

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1.Lodging There are many hotels, hostels and distinctive farm restaurants near the scenic spot. 2.Delicious Food The unique Pengzu Longevity Banquet and Longevity Meals are very nutritious and considered as health food which can bless the eaters with long life. 3.Shopping Various souvenirs with longevity as the theme are good choices for tourists, especially the local tea“Fairy Tea” . 4.Recommended Hour for Travel:1.5 hours

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