Longhu Mountain

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The first scenic spot in the scenic area is “Lights on Fishing Boats of Wild Goose Lake”, one of the old Eight-Scene in Danling. According to the historical material, the Wild Goose Lake was made by Li Bi, the minister of Courtesy Ministry in Song Dynasty. With 40-mu wide surface, deep water, and congregate of wild geese and wild ducks, the lake got the name “the Wild Goose Lake.” Flowers and plants are around the lake most of which are plum blossoms. The night view of the lake is splendid with fishers singing, lights on fishing boats and stars reflection on the lake. The historical site of Sanxiang Shrine is on the hillside. Gigantic steles stood in the shrine with inscriptions of (means: relics of Xun Cliff).There is a maidenhair tree in front of the shrine with deep roots and luxuriant leaves reaching high into the sky. Legend has it that the tree was planted by Li Tao, the rhetorician of Southern Song Dynasty. Taller than 10meters, the tree is called Tree of Male-and-Female or, Tree of Husband-and-Wife.

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Tourists coming from Chengdu direction can first reach Meishan City by bus, and then arrive at the scenic spot by taking the traveling express bus.

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1.Lodging Tourists can return to Meishan City for lodging on the same day of visiting the scenic spot. 2.Delicious Food The local fruits of various genres can be bought during the recess, which are sweet and delicious. 3.Shopping The local products made by peasant families can be bought at reasonable price. 4.Recommended Hour for Travel:1.5 hours

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