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Sansu Shrine

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Surrounded by red walls and green water, Sansu Shrine is dotted by ancient trees with green bamboos setting each other off. With the unique feature of an inhabited island“three parts of water and two parts of bamboos”, the shrine covers an area of 11,500 square meters, occupied by a set of Sichuan architectural complex of Qing Dynasty. The garden landscape forms and remains the remarkable features of traditional Sichuan gardens of Qing Dynasty, such as naturalness, primitive simplicity and elegance. The houses and halls are orderly arranged with artistic spacing. The splendid inscribed horizontal tablets and antithetical couplets on the doors endow the shrine with refined and solemn atmosphere, as it was a former residence of some historical or intellectual figures. Being such an eye-feasting and a reluctant-to-leave place, the shrine is praised by home-and-abroad intellectuals, celebrities, and experts of classic gardens as “Model of Classic Sichuan Garden in China.”

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Sixty kilometers away from Chengdu, Sansu Shrine is at the city center, only five kilometers away from the railway station and bus stations. Tourists coming from Chengdu direction can take the traveling express bus, bus No.11, Taihe bus to get to the scenic spot.

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1.Lodging Since the shrine is located at the center of the city, it’s very convenient for visitors to find lodgings. Star-class hotels at all levels and hostels are available. 2.Delicious Food The quiet and tasty Shu Zhu Restaurant serves a series of Dongpo dishes: Dongpo Elbow, Dongpo Fish, Dongpo Soup, Tuckahoe Cake and Little-Sister-Su Cracknel. So the restaurant is an ideal place to appreciate the unique charm of Dongpo food culture and the unsophisticated and natural Sansu Shrine is an ideal choice for relaxation and vacation. 3.Shopping There are special shops for selling local products with good assortment, reasonable price, and assured quality. They are visitors’ first choices for local products. 4.Recommended Hour for Travel:3 hours

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