Wawushan National Forest Park

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Wawushan National Forest Park consists of Yuping Mountain, Baminan Mountain and Wawu Mountain. It’s famous for its unusual shaped mountains,

beautiful waterscape, deep and quiet forest, and novel scenes. It’s a comprehensive large-scale national forest park for forest traveling, sightseeing, summer vacation, seeking ancient wonders and beautiful scenery, seeking novelty and exploration, and science inspection. The virgin forest on the top of the mountain is vast and lush, where the marvelous spectacles of Mt. Wawu can be viewed: the sunrise, the cloud sea, the rainbow, the Buddhist halo, the auspicious snow, the holy lantern, and the three-suns view. There are 72 waterfalls in the forest, the highest of which is Lanxi Waterfall flying 1040 meters. With the ancient liver moss growing thickly, the forest smells primitive and plain. The famous verse of Sudong Po“The coldness of Wawu Mountain makes the snow piling up after the Spring; The Greenness of Emei Mountain is the most striking scenery after raining.

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How to Get There?
Surface Transportation Tourist from Chengdu can first reach the downtown of Meishan City by bus. Then they can take the inner city regular buses at 20-minute intervals to Hongya County. Meishan City has opened up traveling special line bus service. Tourists are highly recommended in the case of right time. Internal Transportation In the scenic areas, there are buses and cableways for taking tourists to climb the mountain, which respectively costs 20yuan and 50yuan. Tourists can take an option.

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1.Lodging: The tourism development in Hongya County has basically come to its mature phase, with a two-star hotel, a three-star hotel at preparatory-level, two three-star hotels, and a four-star hotel. There are five ordinary hotels available for tourists near the Wawushan National Forest Park Scenic Area. 2.Delicious Food There are many specialties in Hongya County, such as Pig Blood Soup, Chicken, Bobo Chicken (chicken with cayenne pepper filled in pottery bowls), Sour-Flavored Duck Soup, Crisp Fried Spareribs, and etc. A variety of hot pots are also served: fresh-flavored hot pot, goat hot pot, fragrant spicy crab hot pot, and wild fungus hot pot. Malatang (mini-hot pot) is the local snack. Farm restaurants are numerous among the various eateries. Tourist can chose any of them at their will. 3.Shopping The Puqing Natural Food Products Factory near Wawushan National Forest Park sells special local products, such as Wawu bamboo shoots and cured meat at reasonable price. 4.Recommended Hour for Travel: 3hours

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