Zhongyan Scenic Spot

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Zhongyan scenic spot is at the foot of mountains with streams beside. The scenic spot is quiet and tastefully laid out with mild weather through out the year. Famous persons and refined scholars through ages left their stone inscriptions of poetry in the spot. Cliff statues are found nearly everywhere within the area. Zhongyan School located under the Cuiwei Peak with Temple Shang on top of it once trained the great literary giant Sudong Po. The scenic spots are: Arousing-Fish pool, Ox-Head Cave, Thousand-Buddha Corridor, Immortal’s Bed, Jade Spring Cliff, Tiger Taming Rock, and Three-Peaks of stalagmite, Dongpo Reading Tower, King Head Rock, Flying Phoenix Valley and age-old Gullies. Abundant vegetation, such as the spinulose tree ferns, gingko, rare flowers and exotic grass are spread over the scenic area which is also a wildlife reserve and the best place for visiting natural landscape and places of cultural interest.

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Situated on the golden travel route east of Qingshen County, Zhongyan is 120 kilometers north of Chengdu and 37 kilometers south of Leshan Giant Buddha, with convenient transportation of both land and water.

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1.Lodging Within the scenic spot, accommodations for tourism are good and complete which provide meals, drinks, lodgings, places for meetings, and entertainment. So touring parties of 300 people can be held in the scenic area which supplies tourists with quiet and tasty lodgings and warm receptions. 2.Delicious Food Qingshen County is titled as “Homeland of Chinese Peng Orange”. Peng Madarin Orange, a newly hybrid fruit whose skin is like that of tangerines and flesh is like that of mandarin oranges. 3.Shopping The bamboo woven articles of Qingshen County are the famous handicraft of Meishan City. The patterns of articles are various and lifelike. So the works are of high value for collection 4.Recommended Hour for Travel:2 hours

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