Meishan Travel Guide

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Meishan Overview

With a long history and abundant relics and sites, Meishan is a famed historical and cultural city in Sichuan Province. Such titles as “Hometown of Dongpo”,“Homeland of Song Prose” “ Birthplace of Longevity”win Meishan the fame“Place of unique and beautiful scenery;City with Confucian classics for thousands of years.” As a county where the present municipal government locates, Meshan has enjoyed a history of 1,505 years. Well-known for the hometown of Sansu culture, Meishan owns two major historical and cultural sites under provincial protection, such as Sansu Shrine . The city also has 36 places under county level protection. With a history of 2,500 years, Pengshan, a county of Meishan, has famous historical sites under provincial protection, such as Pengzu Moutain and Jiangkou Cliff Tombs of Eastern Han dynasty. In Pengshan County, cultural relics at city or county level reached over 40, many of which are precious and rare. As the birthplace of the first King of Shu kingdom (ancient Sichuan Province), Qingshen County of Meishan is famous for bamboo woven articles with unique Chinese features. The famous Pinqiang minor three gorges and Zhongyan Temple also locate in Qingshen County. With numerous ancient architectures and residential houses in old towns, Hongya County has been established in Sui Dynasty. The development of Taoist culture of Wawu Mountain in Hongya can be traced into ancient times. So together with Longge Mountain in Danling County and ox-horn stockaded village’s stone carved statues in Renshou County, Meishan’s rich cultural relics are valuable treasure for its tourism. Most of the cultural vestiges in Meishan are distributed on the banks of Minjiang River. The cultural region along Mingjiang River has developed consistently since ancient times. It’s the most distinctive area for building Meishan cultural trip.

Population: 3.46million

Area: 7,186 square kilometers

Area Code: 0833

Post Code: 612100

Administrative Regions: Dongpo District, Pengshan County, Renshou County, Qingshen County, Hongya County and Danling County.