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Bamboo Weaving Art

Qingshen County is the only one which is awarded as “Hometown of Bamboo Waving Art” in China. The “Qingshen Bamboo Woven Articles” are famous for plaited woven ones, with the representative works: “Portrait of Eight Steed”, “Portraits of 100 Chinese Emperors”, and “The Festival of Pure Brightness”.

Tarocco Blood Orange

Tarocco blood oranges are commonly called seedless blood oranges whose fruits are pellet-shaped or oval-shaped. The single fruit usually weighs from 200gram to 300gram. With orange-colored and smooth skin, fuchsia-colored pulp and smelled like rose the flesh is delicate, juicy, seedless and easy to melt in the mouth.

Navel Orange

Meishan County was chosen as “The Hometown of Chinese Navel Orange”by Committee of Publicity and Recommendation for “Hometown of Specialty in China” organized by Ministry of Agriculture. Since 1980s, Meishan County has cultivated big, tasty and quality “Meishan Navel Oranges” under the rule of “breeding good strains” which were chosen as nationwide high quality fruits.


Wengong District of Renshou County was awarded as “Hometown of loquats in China”. Making use of geographical features of Longquan Mountain, Wengong district introduced high quality “Big Five-Star” loquats. The loquats are quite famous for its bright color, thick pulp, and sweetness which are in great demand every year.

Pengzu Longevity Mandarin Orange

Pengzu Longevity Orange is a newly hybrid of tangerines and oranges with big fruits, bright color, tasty and sweet flesh, seedless or less seed, foamless, and easily to be packed and stored.

Longan Shortbread

The shortbread is round at bottom as longans but multi-layered on the top. It is an traditional food of Meishan with exquisite shape and rich aroma.

Peng Mandarin Orange

Qingshen County is titled as “Homeland of Chinese Peng Madarin Orange” by National Specialty Committee. Peng Madarin Orange, a newly hybrid fruit whose skin is like that of tangerines and flesh is like that of mandarin oranges.

E Mountain Tea

In the early 1990s, the tea factories at the foot of E Mountain produce Cloud Tea and Pan-Fried Green Tea. With jade green color and good long aftertaste, the tea can be made many times by hot water, especially the tea buds picked before the rain. The Cloud Tea and Pan-Fried Green Tea have separately won the gold medal and the bronze medal.

Gufo Grapes

Pengshan is the hometown for grapes in Sichuan Province with Gufo Village of Black Dragon Town as the main producing area.


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