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Yanming Lake Tourist and Holiday Village

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Who says experiencing an ultimately relaxing vacation means going to several different destinations just to be able to do everything? The Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village is a place which offers a variety of activities and sights which can really thrill the mind. This continues to attract tourist all year round, regardless of the season. It is because the climate here is usually friendly all year round.

The Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village is the perfect escape for tired individuals, group of friends or families who want to have an unforgettable vacation. The place offers all elements which could make up a wonderful experience—impressive land formation, alluring body of water, expansive place to explore and a whole lot of entertainment.

Because of the unquestionable beauty that the Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village has, this has been officially recognized by the government as a four star tourist scenic area. This means that the place has world-class beauty and that visitors from other parts of the globe have been captivated by its appeal.

Things To Do

Spending just a few hours in the Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village is not enough. There are far too many things which can excite one’s heart and leaving early should not be an option.

This place was built because of the investment from Guangdong Huayin Limited Company on the basis of Huayin Reclamation Farm. Today, this place is making a buzz in the tourism world because of the spectacular view and numerous fun activities which guests can enjoy.

The land area is covered by thick grasses, plants and trees. This makes the entire place look like a vast garden. What makes the surroundings even more adorable is the fact that there are various flowering plants which grow around the place. That is why, there is a brilliant pop of color all over.

The entirety of Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village has been developed to cater to guests much better. Among the developments which were included in this place are relaxation areas where people can just sit and enjoy the view. There are also dedicated locations for leisurely stroll. Amidst the intertwining slopes and lush greens, there are structures which are built for the convenience of the visitors.

The Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village is not just another tourist attraction wherein people are limited to just enjoying the view. Yes, this place is picturesque and it sure is worthy of being place in a postcard. However, there is more to this place than just exceptional beauty.

The Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village was developed as a place where people can experience various fun activities. The place has dedicated a venue for body preserving and body building. People who go here can take the step and spend time to rejuvenate not just their bodies but also their mind and soul.

For those who are hankering for some thrill and adventure, there are also blood-rushing activities like zip line. This is not only a unique experience but will also allow the adventurous ones to have a better view of the entire place. Other recreational activities which can be done in Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village include golfing and target shooting.

For the golfers, this could be the perfect paradise that they are looking for. There are golf facilities which tourists can check out in Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village. What makes this place even more suitable for this sport is the fact that the view is simply wonderful.  

Solo Adventure Tips:


The Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village is located in Meizhou City

How to Get There?

 Bus no. 1 or 3

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

All day, all year round

More Tips:

The best time to visit the Yanming Lake Tourist and Vocation Village is during the summer months.

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