Ape King Cave Natural Scenic Spot

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Ape King Cave is the provincial Natural Scenic Spot, a city cultural relic reserve. The unique Chinese Dragon Mountain geologic configuration is rare in the world. The scenic spot is composed of groups of water-eroded caves, perilous peak entertainment area and high mountain virgin forest. The water-eroded caves covers 5.8 kilometers. Enclosed in the cave, you can find Pearl White Jade Tower, Jasper Lake (a place mentioned in clanical Chinese mythologies as a lake in the Kunlun mountains where the Queen mother of the west lives) and Lyre in the cliff, which are so vivid and wonderful just like the real thing. The perilous peak entertainment area provides high sky performance and other facilities you can find in some other entertainment park, but with a strong characteristic, which can only be found here. On the lover bridge you can enjoy the excitement and happiness. The high mountain virgin forest is an ideal place for closing the nature, so verdant, fresh and cool. Climbing up the cliff, walking on the plank road built along a cliff, watching the sunrise, enjoy the clouds, you can easily get the feeling that sitting on the top of the mountain, over viewing the other mountain are so small. In GuoZhuang Restaurant, the tourists can enjoy the aromatic and sweet-smelling wine, the unique Qiangs/ Chiangs (an ancient national minority now living in Sichuan Province) banquet, the passionate toasting songs…so many intoxicating things. In addition, you can experience the old traditional customs of Qiangs.


(1) Ape King Cave

Ape King Caves group is a rare high mountain caves group in northwest of Sichuan. The whole trip in the cave covers 5,800 meters. In the cave there are a lot of stalactites, stalagmites, stone-screens, stone-flowers and stone-pillars of various shapes in addition to a great number of strange flowers and herbs, melons and fruit as well as rarely seen fowls and animals. With the effect strengthened by colorful lights, these things present a superb and unpredictable splendor. Walking into the cave just like walking into a dream-like world.

(2) Xiaoyao Palace

It is the biggest cave hall in northwest of Sichuan. Xiaoyao in Chinese means carefree. The cave hall can hold 5,000 persons watching performances. At night, need fire will be lit on the hall, baking delicious and attractive goat. 

(3) Arhat Cave

Follow the plank road built along a cliff, you will find the sight of eight-hundreds-arhats, some of them are sitting or lying, some are laughing or angry. These arhats make your trip much more fun and interesting. Arhat Cave also is called Swallow Cave. Every year from April to October you can see a wonderful view that thousands of swallows going out and coming back.

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In the midsummer, you can invite some of your friends to go to the thatching on the Qiang Mountain, talking and having a cup of tea, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Facing the blue water, shouting and crying makes you relax and excited.

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