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Wanglang Nature Reserve

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Wanglang Nature Reserve is a nature reserve for rare plants and wild animals such as giant pandas, Sichuan golden monkeys and gnus. The nature reserve occupies 17833.2 hectares. In the nature reserve there are lots of arrow bamboos, which are the main food for giant pandas.

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How to Get There?
The sheepwalk in the Nature Reserve is about 94 kilometers away from Pingwu County, 265 kilometers from Mianyang City, 41 kilometers from Jiuzhaigou Tourism Line. Outside of the nature reserve there is also asphalt highway direct to Mianyang and Chengdu. The traffic there is very convenient. In addition, in the nature reserve there is a 34 kilometers long highway.

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Under the influence of the monsoon, seasons here can be divided into dry and wet season. Dry season ranges from November to April, and wet season is from May to October. The average temperature here is 2.5-2.9℃. The rainy season usually lasts 195 days, mainly in May, June and July. It is cool in summer, so it is a good place for summer resort. In autumn, the red leaves are found all over the mountain. In winter, tourist can enjoy the snow and wild animals.

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