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Xiao Zhaizi Valley

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Xiao Zhaizi Valley Nature Reserve was found in September of 1979, occupying more than 700,000 mu(a traditional Chinese unit, currently equaling to 0.0667 hectare or 1/6 acre). In northwest it is next to Mao County and Songpan in Aba Tibetan Autonomous Region. It is an area maintained for protecting rare wildlife or natural resources, especially the giant pandas. There are various first-class state-level rare animals: more than 70 giant pandas, Sichuan golden monkeys and gnus etc. In addition there are more than ten kinds of rare plants including Chinese dove trees, yews, virginia cowslip, cephalataxus fortunei, camphor and nanmu etc. what’s more Xiao Zhaizi Valley is also full of valuable Chinese herbs such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, tuber of elevated gastrodia, caladium, Eucommiaceae, yellow-corktree bark, ladybell, notoperygium root, root of Co donopsis Pilosula and so on.

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How to Get There?
You can catch the first bus in the morning (at 7:40 am) in Keyuan Bus Station in Jiangyou City. At about 10:00 am you will get Beichuan Bus Station. The ticket to Xiao Zhaizi Valley is available in the bus station (the bus leaves at 12:40 am everyday and arrives the valley at 5:00 pm)

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More Tips:
1.Xiao Zhaizi Valley has not been explored yet. Wolves ,bears and other beasts can be found in this scenic spot. So tourists have to be careful. You have to bring a pair of waterproof shoes, because the valley is full of shallow rivers with many leeches in it. Cooling oils, matches, lighters, torches, knives are essential tools. Do remember it’s forbidden to make fire in the forest. 2.Autumn and spring are the best seasons for travel.

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