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Diaoshuilou Waterfall

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Merely hearing the crashing and roaring flow of water from the Diaoshuilou Waterfall can already give the feeling of being relaxed and refreshed. What more if the actual downpour can be witnessed with your own two eyes? 
The Diaoshuilou Waterfall is found close to the Jingbo Lake which is in the southwestern part of the Ningan County. Interestingly, for those who intend to visit the Diaoshuilou Waterfall, especially during the peak season, they can already hear the crashing water even if they are still a few kilometers away. This is because of the strong surge of water that cascades down the steep rock formation. 
At the site of the waterfall, a hydropower station was built in order to maximize the strong flow and convert it to usable energy. In all of China, this station is considered as one of the largest. 

Things to Do

Gazing at the overpowering flow of water which is displayed by the Diaoshuilou Waterfall can already make the trip to this attraction absolutely worth it. The great thing is that the surrounding areas are also filled with so much beauty that tourists would most likely find themselves wandering around the area to discover other great sights. 

Chingpo Hill Resort

This is a spot which is also frequented by tourists who want to venture in exploring the Diaoshuilou Waterfall. The falls is still about three kilometers away from this place but this is a good starting point for preparation and meeting, especially for tourists who will come in groups. 

Lake Pavilion

This is found by the foot of the Lonquan Mountain. Usually, tourists who explore the Diaoshuilou Waterfall pause here for a while to relax and enjoy the blissful surroundings. It is the perfect spot to have a wonderful picnic because there are also areas which are specifically dedicated to such. 

Flying Rainbow Bridge

This is a spot which tourists can pass by as they go closer to the Diaoshuilou Waterfall. The surroundings are definitely captivating because visitors will be walking along trails that are surrounded by rich greeneries. Even at daytime, the heat of the sun would not be felt because the leaves of the trees serve as umbrellas which provide shade for the pathways. At this point, tourists will already be able to hear the sound that the falls create. The rolling sound of the water from the falls can definitely heighten the emotions and senses of anyone. 

Black Stone Cliff

There are also seasons when the waterfalls become dry because there is minimal flow of water from the mountains. During such time, seeing the pool of water at the foot of the fall can still be very calming because it is pristine. When there is no strong surge of water which flows down the falls, this is the time when the surrounding wall of the pool becomes a natural echo wall. The sounds and messages from tourists would be amplified and repeated by the rocks. 

Jingbo Lake

This lake is known to be as clear as a mirror because of the immaculate waters. It is not just the soothing water of the lake which wins the heart of the people but also the captivating surroundings. The greeneries around the area have become a habitat for a myriad of animals and birds, making it an even more beautiful sight. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


North tip of the Jingpo Lake in the mountains which are south of Ning'an County, Heilongjiang Province

How to Get There?

90 minutes by car from Mudanjiang to Jingpo Hu or the Mirror Lake; Then, another 90 minutes or so to be able to reach Dunhua. 

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More Tips:

Visit the Diaoshuilou Waterfall during the middle of Summer up to September to be able to witness the strong surge of water that cascades down the horse-shoe formed land formation. 

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