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Mudanfeng Ski Resort

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The Mudanfeng Ski Resort is frequented by thousands of visitors every year because of the impressive areas which are dedicated for skiing.
Though this is popular for such an extreme activity, visiting this place can be a great idea regardless of the month. It is because there are various activities which visitors can enjoy. 

Things to Do


When the winter months are approaching, the number of visitors in Mudanfeng Ski Resort escalates too. The perfect time to explore the slopes is during the months of November to early March. There are lodges which are dedicated in providing facilities and accommodation for their guests so their skiing adventure would be even more enjoyable. 
The main reason why this place gets impressive number of tourists during the winter is because it is close to the city. Hence, people who have limited time to spend on their vacation can have a wonderful time even without going too far. 
The area which is dedicated for skiing surmounts up to 300,000 square meters. For those who would like to try out snowmobile rides, the area for this is up to 800 meters. There are also three ski-runs and each one is up to 150 meters long. Other activities which can be done in Mudanfeng Ski Resort during the winter are skating, snow football, riding carts and snow sleds which are driven by horses. It really is the perfect getaway for individuals and could also be an ideal destination for the entire family. 
The Mudanfeng Ski Resort also has impressive facilities. The state-of-the-art chair cables and lifts will ensure that guests would have a really wonderful time during their stay. For everyone’s safety, there are also ample spot lights which illuminate the area. 
The Mudanfeng Ski Resort is a place which is not only frequented by amateurs. Even those who are renowned in the field of skiing because they are already professionals of the sport, find this place to be really impressive. It is very organized and safety measures are implemented all over the place. 

Year-Round Activities

Even if the winter months are over, there are still great reasons to visit this place because there are other adventures which can be done here. The summer months are really pleasant too because the Mudanfeng Ski Resort is filled with various species of flowers and greeneries that are in full bloom. There are even wild plants. The brooks also serve as great destination for boat riding and fishing. There are also different bird species which can be observed. 
During the autumn months, people also go to Mudanfeng Ski Resort but they explore further by going to the nearby Wuhua Mountain. This is where towering pine trees are found so tourists would have a pleasant time walking along the trails. 

Jingpo Lake

The Jingpo Lake is also referred to as the Mirror Lake. This is an attraction that is also close to Mudanfeng Ski Resort. This is known as the largest among avalanche lakes within China. According to records, the creation of this lake is dated back to almost 10,000 years ago and it was primarily due to volcanic eruption. 
The northern part of the river is where the Diaoshuilou Falls can be found. This is such a magnificent view because of the gracefully cascading water. Aside from that, this is also home for almost 40 different species of fish. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


110 kilometers away from Mudanjiang.

How to Get There?

Travelling from Mudanjiang to Beijing take 2 hours by plane and flights are available daily. Shanghai flights also depart three times per week which takes 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Ticket Price:

70 yuan/2 hours; 90 yuan/3 hours; 150 yuan/ whole day

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

If you are visiting during the autumn or summer months, dedicate some time in exploring other nearby attractions. On the other hand, during the winter months, it is best to just make the most out of your time in the skiing lodge. 

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