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Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort

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The Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort is a destination in Mudanjiang which has captivated the hearts of people from different parts of the globe. This is the perfect place for skiing enthusiasts to hone their skills while having an unforgettable vacation. 
Though this is primarily a location which is ideal during the winter months, there are too many reasons to visit this place even during other months. It is because of the immeasurable beauty which envelopes the place. Plus, this is the best place to be for people who would like to stay away from the noise of the city for a while. 
Since the Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort is 140 kilometers away from the Mudan Jian City, the skiing area is easily reachable. Because it is easily accessible, even locals go to this place when they would like to unwind. 
The backdrop of the skiing resort is decorated by interwoven mountain slopes. Hence, when people get tired of skiing, they can just sit back and enjoy the fantastic sights. Aside from that, the surrounding areas are also covered by trees and rich greeneries which can be the perfect relief for tired minds. 

Things to Do


For people who would like to enjoy their stay in Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort to the fullest, it is best to prepare themselves for some unforgettable outdoor adventure. 
The resort has natural slopes which are dedicated specifically for skiing. Visitors have the option to bring their own paraphernalia or they could hire some equipment right in the resort. 
Both professional skiers and amateur ones will be able to enjoy in the Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort. The different trails are suitable for various skill levels. For those who are not too confident about their skiing skills yet, they can opt for the trial which is less steep to be able to have better control. On the other hand, the more adventurous and experienced skiers would have a blast in the trails which will allow them to ramp up their speed. 
The snow capped area for skiing can be used for this sport for five months every year. That is why, there are plenty of opportunities for tourists to check out the Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort. 

Off-Peak Adventure

Yes, the Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort is often tattered with guests during the winter months. However, dropping by this place during the autumn, summer or fall is highly recommended too. 
Though the summer months in Mudanjiang are associated with intense heat from the sun, staying in Suifen River National Forest Park Ski Resort will make it easier to survive the heat. Since this destination has high altitude, the place remains breezy and cool. 
When the place is not covered with snow, it is also a great time for the locals to do some hunting. There is an abundant population of wild animals in the surrounding forests. For visitors, they can opt to immerse into the lifestyle of the locals and be able to experience the thrill of hunting. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is situated at about 10 kilometers in the western section of Suifen River. It is also 18 kilometers away from the national highway and 140 kilometers away from Mudanjiang City.

How to Get There?

Take the K-623 train from Mudanjiang to Suifen River.

Ticket Price:

10 CNY

Opening Hours:

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

More Tips:

November to March is the perfect time to enjoy skiing in this destination. It is important for visitors to bring protective clothing because the winter months can be very cold. Their cameras and other gadgets should be properly cared for too since the cold can cause some malfunctions. 

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