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Mudanjiang Travel Guide

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Mudanjiang Overview

Mudanjiang City is the third largest city of Heilongjiang Province and the leading trade city between China and Russia. Mudanjiang River flows through the whole city from south to north. Located in the north of Mount Changbai, Mudanjiang features complicated landforms and varied terrains.

Mudanjiang is reputed as the Snow Country of China, which boasts featured ice and snow tourism resources. Besides, there are over 30 scenic spots in the city, such as the alpine barrier lake, Jingpo Lake, the picturesque Mudan peak natural reserve and the characteristic volcano landscape. Mudanjiang was selected as China’s Outstanding Tourist City and China’s Top Ten Characteristic and Leisure City.


Mudanjiang City is located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province, which adjoins Harbin City in the west and Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province in the south; and it borders on Russian Far East in the east. Mudanjiang City is about 350 kilometers southeast of Harbin City.

Best Time to Visit

Surrounded by mountains, Mudanjiang enjoys temperate continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is about 3.9℃. The best seasons to visit Mudanjiang are summer and autumn when it’s relatively warm and sunny. Besides, appreciating snow and participating in ice-snow activities in winter is also a good choice. However, as it’s extremely cold in winter, visitors should down jackets and cotton-padded shoes to keep out the cold.

Tourism Resources

Jingpo Lake

Jingpo Lake is China’s largest typical alpine barrier lake, which is the World Geopark and international ecological tourist summer resort. Jingpo Lake presents various unique and distinctive landscapes in four seasons. In the lake, there is a number of islands and islets of different sizes.

Underground Forest

Underground Forest, also known as crater primeval forest, is about 1,000 meters above the sea level. It forms because the volcanic eruption about 10 thousand years ago caused 10 sinking craters which are distributed from northeast to southwest. The forest contains an abundance of wildlife resources.

The Snow Country of China

The Snow Country of China is located in Changting Town of Mudanjiang, which has the snow cover periods of 7 months every year with the depth of 2 meters. It usually begins to snow from October annually and you will see a pure world of snow.

the snow country of China

Mudanfeng National Forest Park

Mudanfeng National Forest Park is located about 15 kilometers southeast of Mudanjiang City, with the overall area of 40,000 hectares. It’s a relative original natural ecosystem area and an abundant gene pool of plants species. Mudanfeng National Forest Park is a comprehensive park integrating tourism, relaxation, recreation and scientific research with beautiful scenery, fresh air and elegant environment.