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Eight Pagodas in North Tibet Pasture

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/30

When you travel in Damxung, Eight-Pagodas in North Tibet Pasture is a must highlight. It is located in the Wuma Town, about 40 miles from the county. It is said that King Gesar had led the troops gallop across the battle filed in North Tibet Pasture. General Shabadang Mashangca who was under King Gesar’s command died in the last ditch in Wuma. To monumentalize him, the local people built eight white pagodas there, which are still in good condition even today. The Eight-Pagodas is located at the roadside of the Qinghai-Tibet Road from Damxung to Nagqu. Every 15th, 30th in Tibetan Calendar, the herdsmen on the pasture would come here to worship, pray and spin the sutra tube, wish the hero rest in the heaven and wish good luck to them.

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