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Meimo Lava Cave

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/10

Brief introduction Housing many stone ladders, the cave has two man-sized stone pillars standing on both sides of the entrance. Inside the cave are numerous sub-caves filled with ice pillars from which water drops fall onto the ground, sending sing-song sounds throughout the quiet environment. Ice blocks resemble whatever you think them to be.

There is one block resembling three sitting people, referred to as the underworld king and two of his assistants-the black and the white. There are also many naturally formed statues of deities. Further inside are two red and blue lava caves that are comparatively large in size. Strong torches do not work here, so that when in the caves one has to move ahead inch by inch. Local people say one cave extends over 100 km long and the other extends over 200 km long. Meimo Lava Cave is really good for scientific research and exploration.

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