Lake Manasarovar

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Located in Ngari Prefecture, Lake Manasarovar is 35 kilometers (about 22 miles) east of Burang County. Since a long time ago, Buddhists and bonists has referred to it as the center of the world. It is the most transparent freshwater lake in China, and the source of four main rivers in Asia.

As one of the sacred lakes of Tibetan Buddhism, Lake Manasarovar has a name which means victory in Tibetan language. Every summer or autumn, Buddhists will bring along with the young and the old, and come here to pilgrimage. It is believed that taking a shower in Lake Manasarovar can prolong life, and drinking the water from Lake Manasarovar can clean the soul. Around the lake, there are eight temples, belonging to eight denominations of Tibetan Buddhism.

There are a number of natural scenery and religious sites in and near Lake Manasarovar for tourists to appreciate. There are some tips for tourists to Lake Manasarovar. Firstly, tourists can live in a village at the foot of Jiwusi Mountain. There is a small hotel set up by two Tibetans. It charges 20 RMB per bed. Composed of 10 earth cottage, this simple hotel doesn’t provide food. However, a restaurant in the south can provide rice and vegetables at the price of 10 RMB. Secondly, near the village, there is a hot spring, which is the only place tourists can shower in. It cost 20 RMB. Thirdly, the circumference of Lake Manasarova is 90 kilometers (about 56 miles), so it will take 4 days to circle around it. Tourists had better do it clockwise along the lake shoreline. Last but not least, due to the board and lodging condition here, tourists had better bring food and sleeping bags with them. Vitamins are also necessary, because there is a lack of vegetables.

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