Purang County

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Purang County In Tibetan Purang means the single hair. The main landform of this county is altiplanno. There are two famous mountains in Purang. Namunani Mountain (elevation 7,694 meters) is one of the major peaks in Himalayas. Ganren Boqi Mountain (Holly Mountain) at the elevation of 6,656 meters is the dominant peak in Gandists.

These two mountain ranges make up the landform of Purang. In Purang, there are various mountains and valleys, high and deep, up and down. With a great variety of shapes and forms, the mountain peaks here are fantastically beautiful. There are two main highways in Purang, which link places such as Shigatse, Lhasa etc.

There are also roads connecting different towns in Purang. There are also lots of special products in Purang, such as ghee, cattle fur, woolen, rump-broken fish from Mapham Yutso Wetland, long-shaped carp etc. Jirang lies on the southeast bank of Kongque River. It takes on an entirely new look after the liberation in China. Now Jirang has already become the political, economic, cultural, educational, and medical center of Purang.

As one of the holy Tibetan Religious places, there are lots of holy mountains and holy lakes in Purang, such as Gangren Boqi Mountain, Mapham Yutso holy lake. Because of the mysterious of the mountains and lakes, Purang is the holly places of tourists and pilgrims from both domestic and abroad.

Purang International Market Purang County lies in the Kongque River Valley between Namunani and Abi Mountains, next to Nepal and India. Purang is the place surrounded by jokuls in Nagri. From ancient times, Purang had already become an important trade port. Now it is the second grade trade port in China.

The Ko’s village is a must for tourists, which typically represents the Purang customs. Along the village, after 8 kilometers, you will find Sherwa Village at the boundary of Sino-Nepal. From Sherwa Village you will see Nepal only cross a river. Every summer and winter, Nepalese merchants stay and do their business in the International Market. In summer they export French and Indian perfume from here. In winter they purchase woolen and sheep here and bring them back to Nepal.

The beautiful Nepalese girl with bright-colored clothes is wonderful scenery in Purang. Here you see rich pilgrims from Nepal and India, and you can also find poor Nepalese in raggedy clothes. All this makes Purang carry a strong international feature.

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