Shiquenhe Town

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Shiquenhe Town, a town at the frontier, is the capital of Ngari. But it is the biggest city, thousand kilometers in circumference. The other big cities such as Yecheng in the north, Shigatse in the east are more than thousands of kilometers away from Shiquenhe.

The former name of this town is Ger, which means casern in Tibetan. During the Qing dynasty, Shike army from Kashmir used to invade Shiquenhe Town. Qing dynasty government sent the Mongolia General Guden Csiwang to beat back the enemy. The Qing army had once camped here, so it got the name.

Now, with the help of Shanxi, Henan and Hebei Provinces, the infrastructure in the city develops very quickly, which can provide a much better tourism surrounding for tourists than what people described in their travel notes.

This town is long and narrow, surrounded by tall mountains. The Post Office Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in the town. Shizi Road is the most prosperous road, nor far from the Xingshu Road. In the north there are Sinkiang Hotel and Shanxi Hotel. In the south, there are lots of two-storeyed buildings standing along the roadside. Most of them are continuous Sichuan Restaurants, Muslim Restaurants, cinema, KTV and other entertainment places. But it’s a little bit difficult to take a shower, so you have to pay RMB 10 yuan to have a hot water shower. Cell phones have signal here and there are lots of IC phone on the street. Tourists can also surf on the Internet here. The Internet café here is not so big but very expensive, RMB 8 yuan an hour. However, in Telecom Internet Café you only have to pay RMB 6 yuan an hour, but the business hours are not so long for short of electricity. Water is only supplied in the afternoon. There are lots of laundries on the street, RMB 6 yuan per suite. If you like flour-made food, you may find that here is a small food heaven for you. Baozi (Steamed bun), jiaozi (Chinese dumplings), wonton, flapjacks, hand pulled noodles, Sinkiang noodles mixed with vegetables and meat, Shanxi noodles with a layer of minced meat, fried noodles, noodles sprinkled by oil and other flour foods are very local and delicious. You can also find Uigur barbecue stalls and have some nice shish kebab. What’s more, you can enjoy Sinkiang fresh fruit and vegetables here.

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