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Blood sausage

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/21

In Tibetan region, when the peasants or the herdsmen butcher the sheep, they always save the sheep blood to make some blood sausages, the delicious local food. They not only cook some of the sheep blood to eat, but also put the sheep blood in a long tube of skin, cook it and eat the food served in thin slices. The cooked blood sausage tastes delicious and tender. Method of making: chop the sheep meat into pieces, add some salt, some Chinese prickly ash powder and some Zanba powder in the meat and mix them together. Then put the mixed material in the cleansed tube, tie the tube once every few decimeters with threads. The cooking of the blood sausage is also special: cook the prepared sausages in the soup until they rise and turn grayish white. Take out the sausages, which are about eighty percent done, put them on a plate. The whole families sit around on the ground, cut the blood sausages into thin slices and eat.