Former Residence of Lo Jui Ching

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The wood-structured residence is a tile-roofed dwelling with a history of over 100 years, covering an area of about 300 square meters. On May 31st, 1906, a great general of People’s Republic of China Lo Jui-ch'ing was born in the house and he had lived here for 20 years. On March 8th, 1983, people’s government of Nanchong City took the house into the list of preservation of historical and cultural relics of the city. From then on, former residence of Lo Jui-ch'ing has become an educational base for the youth to foster their patriotism and their respectable moral character.     

(1) The Salle

In the middle of the residence there is the salle, on the wall right over the door of the salle, there is a horizontal inscribed board with five unusual Chinese characters “罗瑞卿故居” (meaning Former Residence of Lo Jui-ch'ing) written by Hu Yaobang, a great and highly respected general who had devoted his whole life to the country.   

(2) The Parvis

Right in the middle of the parvis of the house, a half-length bronze statue of the great general Lo Jui-ch'ing is standing erectly. Next to the left of the statue, there is a five-meter-tall cedar; the ashes of general Lo Jui-ch'ing are right under the cedar. The cedar is highly respected as people consider it stands for the noble character and sterling integrity of the great general.

(3) The Rooms

In the rooms, more than 300 delicate works of art, such as stylistic works of amazing handwritings and beautiful paintings are carefully preserved and shown. Among them, there are works with blessings of some great figures of the country; thank-you notes from the people and paintings and great works of some famous painters. The uniform which had been worn by general Lo Jui-ch'ing, named‘Great General Uniform’, has been listed as one of the national revolutionary cultural relics. Wife of general Lo Jui-ch'ing, Mrs Hao Zhiping, painted a traditional Chinese painting for her husband on the day of his 90th birthday. In the painting, the tall and straight green bamboos fighting bravely against the strong wind and the beautiful plum blossom flourishing in the cold winter have shown to people the strong-minded noble character of the general.

(4) Bedroom

The room in the west side of the house had been the bedroom of parents of general Lo Jui-ch'ing. In the bedroom, the wooden bed, the basin stand and the stools that the general and his parents had used are shown.

(5) The Showroom

There is also a showroom in the west of the residence, which shows the hard and glorious time of war and socialistic construction that the general had experienced and devoted his heart and soul to. The exhibits contain tens of precious objects, historical archives and pictures, over one hundred paintings and drawings. These relics re-create the splendid years of the general’s life that he was fighting against the enemies, protecting the country and his people, establishing People's Liberation Army and Ministry of Public Security, and attacking the reactionaries. Also, these relics encourage people to learn from general Lo Jui-ch'ing to love their country and fight for the justice.       

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Driving northward for about ten minutes from the inner county of Shunqing, you can easily find Former Residence of Lo Jui-chi’ing.

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