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Jincheng Hill

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Jincheng Hill——Muoer Shoal scenic resort, with the area of woods of over 2,114 square kilometers and the area of water of about 1,067 square kilometers, has been approved by the National Forestry Department as a forest park in 1991. As a forest park, the spot is full of verdant woods and various kinds of precious animals and plants.


(1) Jincheng Hill

Being 824 meters above sea level, Jincheng Hill has become one of the top famous mountains of northern Sichuan. Besides, Jincheng Hill is famous for its unique hills and waters, unusual stones and fancy scenery. In the mountain, there are 99 hills, 36 springs and 48 caves, which will bring you into a mysterious and wonderful natural world.

Jincheng temple, studded in the mountainside, was built in the ruling period of emperor K'ang Hsi of Qing Dynasty. The Nanjing Gate, actually a natural cleft in the rocks, has become one of the‘Four Wonders’ in the resort. Climbing up through the Nanjing Gate, you can watch the superb view of the sun coming up through the sea of clouds in the morning; you can appreciate the flower mountain in spring; you can feel the pines singing in the breeze in summer; you can overlook the whole world under the mountain in the clear sky of autumn. The Old Dragon Cave, built on the rock cliff of the northern mountain, has a narrow path available for just one person to go into. In the cave, there is rich fresh spring water flowing out and falling into the deep valley of over 30 meters below the cave. That is why so many tourists sing high praise for this scenic spot.      

(2) Reservoir of Muoer Shoal 

Boating on the rippling surface of the reservoir, feeling the softness of the breeze, you will certainly be carefree and joyous. This is the reservoir of Muoer Shoal, a reservoir covering an area of water of more than 6,667 square kilometers. The orange orchards around the reservoir and on the islands of the reservoir are all in golden and send out sweet fragrance when the oranges are ripe in autumn. Various kinds of fishes are swimming happily and welcoming the tourists. You can hardly believe that some fish weighing over 50 kilograms really exist in such a reservoir! Besides, savory dishes are served in the restaurants here; you can enjoy the delicious meals in a large, open pleasure boat while appreciating the beauty of the reservoir.

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Buses are served from the Gaoping bus station to Jincheng Hill directly.

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