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JinPing Mountain Scenic Resort

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 Jingping Mountain Scenic Resort borders on Jialing river, with its unique screen-shaped precipitous mountain features and beautiful blossoms, so it got the name “Jingping” (meaning beautiful screen in Chinese). After thousands of years of the weathering of nature, Jingping Mountain now is much more magnificent. The altitude of Jingping Mountain is 480 meters above the sea level with an area of more the 20 square kilometers. With Zhuangyuan Mountain in the east, Majia Mountain in the west and Niujia Mountain in the north, theses mountains form a natural protective screen for ancient Langzhong city. Once, Agate temple, Duling Ancestral Hall and Jingping Academy of Classical Learning were built here before the Tang Dynasty. Another seven pavilions and Luzu Hall, Avalokitesvara Temple, Wuhou Ancestral Hall and Feixian Cave etc were added here in the Ming Dynsty, which assembled Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism together. Famous poets and painters like Dufu, Lisangyin, Wudaozi and Luyou had come here successively to write poems and paint to express their sentiments.

Scenic spots

(1) Du Gongbu Ancestral Hall

The Ancestral Hall was built at the foot of the mountain which maintained the solemn and refined style of classical school of the Tang and Song Dynasty, which embodies the state of “old temple hiding in remote mountain”. Dufu had been to Langzhong twice and left a great deal of poetry. There are more than 70 wood engraving pomes and paintings hanging in the antechamber, with the most famous ones like Song of Lang hill and Song of Lang water as representatives. The statue of Dufu is enshrined in the main hall and some historical relics are exhibited in the left and right wing-rooms.

(2) Star-watching Pavilion and the Statue of Luoxiahong

Luoxiahong is a famous local astronomer of the West Hang Dynasty. He established the earliest observatory in Panlong hill in the north of Langzhong and built Star-watching Pavilin in Jingping Mountain, which had four stories and is 24 meters high. The pavilion can help visitors to learn the history of astronomy of the Han, Tang and Song Dynasties.

(3) Forest of Steles

Here keeps more than 260 calligraphy of ancient celebrities which delicately engraved in steles, some of which are as tall as meters and some are as small as less than a meter. It’s really a big stone library. In the middle of erects a stele written by General Zhangfei of the Three Kingdoms in Li style which reads “Memorizing General Fei of Han lead thousands brave soldiers to beat the head of enemy Zhangheba zt Meng hill”. Besides are “Poem” of Dufu, “Tiger” of Zhangsanzi and “Avalokitesvara” of Wudaozi. These four steles are called the “four treasures” of the forest of steles.

(4) Eight Immortals Cave

The tree crowns are like green umbrella shielding the land of several mu. There is an tall old tree on the cliff, in which hangs a bronze bell that rings with the wind. It’s said that one of the Eight Immortals LuDongbin failed in the imperial civil examination and moved about the country and practiced Daoism here. The Eight Immortals is more than 23 meters deep and more than 18 meters high and wide. The statues of the Eight Immortal are enshrined here one by one which look happy and pleased with themselves. Famous astronomer Yuantiangang of the tang Dynasty wrote eight Chinese calligraphy on the wall, that is “The spirits will never disappear until the mountain clasped”.

(5) LiwenHou Ancestral Hall of the Song Dynasty

It’s also called Zhangxian Ancestral Hall which covers an area of 10 mu or so. Zhangxian is a famous general of the NanSong Dynasty who is the son-in-law of Yuefei. He was a local of Jingping Mountain and framed by Qinhui with Yuefei and died in Fengbo pavilion.

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It’s about 138kms from Nanchong to Langzhong and there are 4 shuttles each day.

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