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Langzhong Ancient City

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Langzhong Ancient City(阆中古城), located on the north rim of Sichuan Basin, is the national historic and cultural city, with a history of over 2,300 years. It’s the only well-preserved ancient city in Sichuan Province, and one of the top four well-preserved ancient towns in China, together with Shanxi’s Pingyao, Yunnan’s Lijiang and Anhui’s Shexian. The architectural style of Langzhong ancient city reflects the residence geomancy of ancient China, inflecting the styles of the north and south.

Langzhong Ancient City has abundant tourism resources, including four important heritage sites under state protection which contain Zhang Fei Temple, Yong’an Temple, Wulong Temple, Zhongtian Tower and Tengwang pavilion pagoda, and 15 provincial heritage sites, such as Sichuan Imperial Examination Office of the Qing Dynasty and Baba Temple. Besides, there are altogether over 200 cultural relics.

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How to Get There?
It takes 2 hours to take a train from Chengbei bus station of Nanchong City to Langzhou, with the ticket price of 30 yuan per person.

Ticket Price:
Zhang Fei Temple: 40 yuan Imperial Examination Hall of the Qing Dynasty: 35 yuan Zhongtian Tower: 10 yuan Ancient courtyards (including six scenic spots): 30 yuan

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