West Hill Scenic Resort

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Covering an area of 8,000 square meters, the West Hill scenic resort is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and plenty of collection of cultural relics. Consisting of more than seven hills, the whole resort looks like a green paradise guarding the city. Under the seven hills, there is a winding river named ‘West River’, which has made the West Hill scenic resort more beautiful and admirable. A large amount of historical and cultural relics including the poems composed by the famous poetess Xue Tao of Tang Dynasty and the great poet Lu You of Song Dynasty are presented in the resort, these relics have shown the cultural tradition and the advanced civilization in Nanchong city to a great extent. The famous ‘Golden Spring with Silver Moon’,‘Golden  Fruitful Hill’ and ‘The Holy Pool’ are the famous attractions having been praised by many tourists. Visiting these attractions, you can see the Hill that is full of golden fruits in autumn, the pool in which the water is always clear and full however the weather changes.

(1) Wan Juan Pavilion Scenic Spot

 Wan Juan Pavilion Scenic Spot consists of Center of Three Kingdoms Culture, YuPing Cultural activity center, the Three Kingdoms Villa and so on. The pavilion has a history of more than 1,700 years. In Tang Dynasty, a temple named Honeydew Temple was built in front of the pavilion, and thus, the Wan Juan Pavilion has become a building group since then. The Wan Juan Pavilion now we can see had been rebuilt in 1990 with RMB 4,000,000 yuan by the government.

Wan Juan Pavilion was the place where the writer of ‘Three Kingdom Romance’-Chen Shou, a famous historian in Western Jin Dynasty had usually played and studied. It is composed of Chen Shou Studying Chamber, Chen Shou Memorial House, and Books Storing Pavilion and so on. Famous for its plenty of collection of books, especially books about the Three Kingdom culture, the Wan Juan Pavilion will sure to satisfy your thirst for the knowledge and information about Three Kingdoms period of China.

Round the pavilion, there are many precious old and tall trees and a stream of spring. The birds sing for them and for them the stars shine, and the whole verdant spot, teeming with richness and increase, gives up its odorous vapors. 

(2) Qi Le Hill scenic spot

On the top of the Hill, there are the Qi Le temple and the site of headquarter of the Nanchong defensive battle in the Shunlu Uprising; and in the middle, there are the Qi Xia Cave with plenty of cliff inscriptions, the tomb with 99 holes built from the Eastern Han Dynasty and so on. Visitors can also have a cultural and historical visit of the forest of steles and the Memorial House in honor of the revolutionary martyrs of Nanchong. Qi Le Hill scenic spot is equipped with favorable service facilities that make tourists enjoy themselves after having a good visit. Swimming pool, parking lots, amusement park and tram rail are being in construction to make tourists feel more convenient and comfortable.  

(3) Flying Phoenix Hill Scenic Spot

Taoistic temples are the main attractions in the spot

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